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In families relying on agriculture, women are in charge of weeding and help with the harvest. Among poor families, women also perform full-time work for upper class individuals. Moreover, the man’s role used to be seen as providing his family with material support by looking after his business. All ethnic groups in Sri Lanka have clear distinctions regarding the roles of the sexes. Sri Lanka was the first nation in the world to elect a female head of government, Sirimavo Bandaranaike. Bandaranaike won the election in 1960 after S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike, the preceding leader who was also her husband, was murdered by a spy.

It holds mandatory training to tackle unconscious bias, focusing on recruitment and promotions. One of Sri Lanka’s biggest gender equality success stories comes from Diesel & Motor Engineering Plc , a conglomerate that operates in more than 15 business sectors.

The male guest workers fill more diverse roles, with skilled and unskilled laborers making up roughly equal percentages of the male migrants (42% and 41% respectively in 2008). Two in five women in Sri Lanka gave faced violence by a partner in their lifetime, a government survey has found. Psychological violence at the hands of a partner, that involves emotional abuse or controlling a women’s behaviour was recorded at 27.9%, the highest among all forms of violence past decade. Physical violence mostly experienced while their partners were drunk also prevailed mostly in the estate region, followed by the rural and urban areas respectively, according to the report. It outlined startling details which showed that the kids of most affected mothers were reported to have experienced nightmares, while 4.5% had dropped out of school. 5,891 of child abuse cases were reported in the country from 2012 to 2020.

  • With the successful disbursement and development impacts , the government requested ADB for an additional $75 million credit line and a $12.6 million grant from the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) to expand the project’s gender elements.
  • In recent years, Sri Lankan officials have actively encouraged male migration.
  • Even though dasa sil mātāvo are generally very well respected by the citizens of Sri Lanka, some of these women believed that the fact that they are not members of the sangha contributed to what they saw as their low status in society.
  • At Main Point, where waves are often two metres high, the pair can often be spotted out surfing together.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka, particularly with the grassroots women who are currently struggling against an unprecedented economic crisis that has been catastrophic for the nation’s 22 million people, and a crackdown on people’s democratic rights. Enabling civil society to program for a transformative approach that will address existing gender inequalities and support gender-responsive justice institutions.

Women’s workforce participation at DIMO in 2022 is just 10%, a slight increase from 8% in 2011. The progress has been promoted by the company’s leadership who decided DIMO could not keep perpetuating stereotypes and ignore half of the population and its customer base.

Feminist Collective Statement on the Sri Lankan Crisis

Most Sri Lankan migrants (92%), both male and female, journey to the Gulf, with four countries absorbing over 80% of Sri Lanka’s workers. In the Gulf, Sri Lankan women share the market for migrant domestic workers with women from Indonesia, the Philippines, and several other countries. For example, in the UAE in 2004, housemaids from the Philippines were paid more than those from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh, in that order. Allow for additional funding to political parties that run and elect more women and, if a system of public funding is adopted, require that a portion of political party funds be reserved for women’s campaigns and training in gender sensitivity. Additionally, pass campaign finance laws that limit unrestricted spending and proactively integrate gender-sensitive provisions.

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According to the UN, 90% of women in Sri Lanka have experienced sexual harassment in public transport. The project opened opportunities for women to plan, expand and jumpstart their businesses and promoted women entrepreneurship by developing an ecosystem for women entrepreneurship by ensuring more women-owned or led SMEs have access to finance, training, and mentorship opportunities. Now, a domestic economic crisis fuelled by a foreign currency shortage is squeezing the island just as it seeks to slough off the deadliest epidemic in decades, a crisis that had already wiped out years of growing prosperity.

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Among the middle- and upper-income classes, education of children may last into their early twenties, and women may mix with males or even take on jobs that were in the past reserved for men. While Sri Lanka relatively excels when it comes to gender equality indices, there are still many underlying issues pertaining to gender inequality in Sri Lanka. These women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka and many others like them can now obtain loans faster and easier from local banks to jumpstart their own small and medium enterprises . Trade unions blame underlying problems that had lain hidden for years and have now surfaced, highlighting the stark power imbalance between Western brands and their Asian workers. The industry contributes 6 per cent to the country’s overall gross domestic product , providing direct employment to 350,000 people and to another 700,000 indirectly.


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