Job Loss and Unemployment Stress

No matter the source, high stress levels over time will result in negative influences on mental health. These influences could produce depression, anxiety, panic attacks and various other mental health conditions. Strengthening social bonds.Times of loss and depression tend to isolate people and remove them from loved ones.

can't find job depressed

Once you feel a bit better, look for something part-time. It doesn’t have to be in your field, but obviously is a plus if it is somewhat related. Based on your current feelings, you may have to fake enthusiam in the interview. This might sound like terrible advice, but it will give you a reason to get up every morning. A better approach is to block out specific hours in your day to dedicate to different job-hunting tasks. In this way, you start treating your job search like an actual job. It’s important not to take the results of your job search and any subsequent rejection personally.

Why can’t I get a job? An article for Job Seekers

In order to make your transition out of academia successful, it’s necessary to learn effective coping mechanisms for staying motivated. It’s important to keep a positive outlook and to create small, specific goals for yourself so that you can see measured progress over time. When you are faced with rejection, learn from it and grow so that you can approach the next application that much stronger. Surround yourself with positive people and refuse to give in to negativity and a victim mentality. Online quizzes and assessments can seem like helpful ways to better understand stress, anxiety, depression and addiction, but these tools must be used with caution. However, assessments used by these professionals, like the ones in The Recovery Villagepatient portal, can be a first step towards seeking professional help.

  • You’ll then be in a much better position to give it everything you’ve got to land the role you’ve been waiting for.
  • Acknowledging your feelings and challenging your negative thoughts, on the other hand, will help you deal with the loss and move on.
  • Much like training and certifications, taking a class can be a good way to keep yourself sharp while unemployed.
  • Whether you already have a depression diagnosis or think you have the symptoms but haven’t sought treatment, now that you’re unemployed, a depressive episode may be underway.
  • Whether unemployment is causing your depression, or depression is an obstacle in your job search, it’s hard to get the right momentum to successfully find a job.

And those initial feelings of excitement may fade; they did for Mulvihill. In the beginning, committing yourself to finding a job may actually help to ease some of your depressive symptoms. Gloria Mulvihill, a freelance editor and writer for, was diagnosed with clinical depression seven years ago. Just recently, she started looking for more consistent work within her field. If you’re living with depression, it’s difficult to see your own worth sometimes. But you have strengths, and it’s important to remember them from when you were employed. A 2015 study referred to the high unemployment rate at that time as a public health concern due to the close link between unemployment and depression in young adults.

The stress of losing a job

Today, we don’t have to socialize with others to have our needs met. Last week, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 2.4 million Americans filed jobless claims, bringing past nine-week total to nearly 39 million.

Why are companies posting jobs but not hiring?

There are many reasons why companies might post vacancies with seemingly little urgency to fill them, recruiters say. Sometimes they want to give the impression that the company is growing — but in an inflationary economy, growth is expensive, so they're hedging their bets.

If you’ve ever felt sad, anxious, hopeless, defeated, or even depressed about your job search, you’re not alone. If you want to talk with other people struggling to find a job while depressed, visit Supportiv‘s instant, anonymous chat. Hit Chat Now, enter your main thoughts, and you’ll get connected with others who get it. Think of when to wake up, where you’ll look for jobs, how you’ll approach applications, and what skills can use some improvement .

Here’s how to cope with ‘unemployment depression.’

If depression makes it hard to handle everyday life, we’ve got supportive tips so you can find, interview for, and land a job. Even tasks that aren’t related to the job search, like straightening up your room or making phone calls about health insurance coverage, can’t find job depressed can earn a place on your goal list. The idea is to feel good about what you’ve achieved and feel like you’re moving forward. Give yourself a day off for your mental health when needed, especially if your job search stretches into the long term.

This will keep you focused on specific tasks, which will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and defeated. The key is to set small, attainable goals for each week. You should have a running spreadsheet of the companies and positions you’re interested in.

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